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Agricultural Scholarship


Applications are only accepted online:

Application deadline is June 1 for the following Fall and Spring School Year Consideration.

Please gather the following information and documentation required in order to complete the Scholarship Application:

  1.      A copy of at least a Seven-semester high school transcript

  2.      Evidence of acceptance in college (high school students) or
         College registration for upcoming semester (already attending college)

  3.      A current college transcript, if applicable

  4.      Two letters of recommendation

  5.      A copy of parent's last IRS Tax Return (student's, if independent)*
        (First 2 pages or to signatures only- do not include schedules:
          feel free to black out social security numbers)
         *Furnishing this information is optional. However, if there are more qualified applicants than funds available,       
              consideration will be made on the basis of need first.

The trustees will review the application, the scholastic records, recommendations and family or individual income, if provided, to determine student's eligibility. Selection is based upon coherence of the student's goals to the Foundation's purposes, academic achievement and then financial need. High school counselors are notified of recipients and not announced until award ceremony or graduation. Recipients already in college will be notified directly.

Each scholarship school period is for Fall of the application year and Spring of the upcoming year, in the amount granted (not subject to reduction due to receipt of other scholarships, grants, loans or TOPS awards.) Scholarships are not given for Summer semesters. Funds are paid directly to recipient via direct deposit to be used for living and instructional expenses on (tuition, books, general educational expenses, and living expenses incidental to the pursuit of a degree).

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